Why You Need A Vehicle Wrap

We have all seen cars, vans and even big trucks with conspicuous, screaming advertisements calling upon us to buy a particular product or try a certain service. These large, easily noticeable advertisements are known as vehicle wraps and if, as a business owner, you are wondering whether they are worth putting your hard-earned money on. Well, they are worth every penny. Here are the reasons why you need a vehicle wrap.

Why You Need A Vehicle Wrap


Wide geographical reach

Vehicle wraps are akin to a traditional billboard but differ in that, unlike the latter, they are mobile, which comes with particular advantages. First, vehicle wraps reach a larger geographical audience, since many people at different destinations can look at the message as the vehicle moves from one destination to another. It would thus take several billboard placements at various strategic locations to have the same geographical reach as a vehicle with a wrap.

More visibility

Vehicle wraps attract  more attention than static  billboards because the vehicles are often surrounded by regular, unwrapped cars, while the proliferation of billboards on the market means that your advertisement may be lost in the jumble of other billboards.

Cost efficiency

Vehicle wraps stack up well against alternative advertising methods when it comes to cost. For instance, while you have to pay a monthly fee to advertise on a billboard, you only incur the initial cost of designing, printing and installing the wrap, making vehicle wraps cheaper in the long haul. Running a newspaper, television or radio ad for an extended period is also way more expensive despite its limited audience.

Wider demographic reach

Advertisements on vehicle wraps are visible to all age brackets, be it the young or seniors, unlike running advertisements in newspapers or journals, which are often read by the middle-aged. Therefore, for small businesses targeting all population demographics, vehicle wraps provide the much- needed outreach.

At Vinyl Solutions, we understand the role of vehicle wraps in improving your brand visibility and attracting consumers. We provide printed wraps, 3M color changes and the standard fully vinyl, partial, and die-cut options. Contact us today for tailor-made vehicle wraps that suit your needs.