4 Creative Uses for Wall Wraps in Your Business

If you are seeking a unique and creative way of using signage in your company’s space, then consider wall wraps. Wall wraps are an excellent method of accentuating your interior and exterior space while conveying your company’s brand, message, or logo. They include stair and floor wraps and are quite similar to car wraps.

4 Creative Uses for Wall Wraps in Your Business

Here are 4 great uses of wall wraps:

1. Proclaim it with words

You can use these wraps to narrate your company’s history. This can be in form of a timeline graphic about your organization’s life story. It will get your clients interested and intrigued by the milestones you have covered thus far. You can use wall wraps in auditoriums, conference rooms, or the reception area.

2. Welcome visitors

Let your creative wall wrap welcome your visitors in the lobby. Instead of them meeting a drab wall, they can be greeted by your company logo. You can also showcase your product or service at work or display your historical journey with photos. This will keep your visitors busy as they wait to be served.

3. Motivate employees

Give your workers something to talk and think about or simply to look forward to. You can do this by having wall quotes using vinyl wall letters. They could be inspirational quotes, the CEO’s words, or the corporate tagline; all geared towards increasing originality and work quality.  You can also use wall wraps as focal points with simple encouraging words like “integrity,” or “service”.

4. Promote your business

Exterior wall wraps are a great way of advertising your business in this busy world we live in. Consider covering one side of your building with wall graphics that are related to what you’re offering. It will capture the attention of potential customers and cause them to take action.

Vinyl Solutions offers custom vinyl wall signage or full wall wraps in the most professional way possible. We will design and install quality and unique creations to suit your taste. As you plan your wall wrap project, contact us for guidance and more information.

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