Paint Protective Film (PPF): Is it Worth It?

Paint Protective Film (PPF) is a thin, flexible elastomeric polymer material that is installed on the car’s body to protect it from light debris such as rocks and twigs, which can scratch the surface.  It also protects the vehicle from UV rays, toxins, and chemicals that may alter the quality of the paint. The protective film is professionally installed such that you will not notice it when cleaning your vehicle. This technology has evolved over the last decade, providing quality protection while using thinner material than before.

Paint Protective Film (PPF): Is it Worth It?

Does PPF Damage the Paint?

PPF is installed onto the body of the vehicle by the use of an adhesive substrate. While it bonds solidly to the surface of the vehicle, PPF does not react with the paint or peel it off in the process. Therefore, you will not find patches on the surface created by the film. Professional installation ensures that there are no air bubbles left at any point.

You can have the PPF removed. However, it cannot be reinstalled on another vehicle. Besides, given all the above benefits, you should consider retaining the PPF for the entire life of the vehicle.

Produces an Enhanced Finish

Once installed, the PPF helps improve the shine. It enhances the look of your car, just like having a high gloss paint job. This appearance does not change with time as the film protects the surface from damage caused by UV rays.

Applying PPF on your car does not affect your insurance cover or warranty as it is not regarded as a vehicle modification. It is a simple yet effective technology for keeping the vehicle’s exterior in good shape over the years without the associated maintenance costs.

Get PPF professionally installed on your vehicle to enjoy the above benefits. The process is simple and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Contact us for the best vinyl installation.