Branding company vehicles makes good business sense.  Not only does it serve as effective advertising, it can also provide your clients and employees with greater peace of mind.  Vinyl vehicle wrapping is effective, affordable, flexible and damage-free.  Offering quality, customized vinyl products, Vinyl Solutions is the trusted designer and manufacturer of quality fleet vehicle wraps in DFW, and beyond.

Why Wrap Your Fleet?

If your team members regularly drive out and about in your marketplace conducting business, you’ve got an opportunity to tap.  Chances are, your vehicles are passing hundreds of potential clients throughout the day.  Even when parked, these vehicles can serve as effective communication to future customers.  Putting your name and contact information on your vehicle translates into smart marketing, even more so when you can convey more of what your company is about using colors, images and perhaps your tagline.  What’s more, with official branding, your customers can quickly identify your company representatives when they drive up. Customer confidence is bolstered the minute the vehicle arrives.  Service calls become safer for your customers – and your employees, because no one is left surprised.

Vinyl wrapping, when done professionally, never damages the finish of the vehicle.  Wraps can be updated, added to and removed quickly and safely.  Though our custom wraps are designed and proven to remain in place throughout many seasons, withstanding hot sun, strong winds and heavy rain, the option to remove the wrap is always there, and the vehicle can be quickly transformed to its original state.

Customization and Customer Service Set us Apart

At Vinyl Solutions, we attribute our success, and countless customer endorsements, to our unwavering commitment to personalized customer service.  Listening to the customer is always the first step in our engagement.  We want to make certain we understand your vision.  If you have an existing logo and/or brand guidelines, we begin there.  Our professional designers are available to create custom designs and graphics to enhance what you have, or to create something brand new from the ground up.  Accessing a wide range of vinyl colors, designs and textures, including matte, satin and metallic finishes, you can expect a truly one-of-a-kind fleet wrap for your company.

We care about our customers and take pride in the work we do.  From our founder, Brandon Day, down, we remain committed to earning your full satisfaction with your fleet wraps.  To this end, we pledge to:

  • maintain a professional team that will always put the customer first.
  • utilize top-of-the-line materials.
  • work closely with you to design concepts that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
  • provide quality work with competitive pricing.
  • offer a reasonable warranty and stand by our work.

Emerge From Basic With Custom Vinyl Wraps

To get an idea of the work we do, we invite you to check out our fleet wrap gallery.  Whether you’re wanting a simple logo on the door of each team member’s car, a wrap on a large fleet of trucks you operate, or have a project scope somewhere in between, you can count on Vinyl Solutions.  In addition to fleet wraps, we also offer innovative paint protection film and non-vehicle vinyl signage, including wall wraps, to support our commercial clients.  Check out our gallery for ideas and inspiration and give us a call when you are ready to “emerge from basic” with truly custom vinyl.