A fast growing trend, vinyl car wrapping is a great way to customize your vehicle.  Car enthusiasts seek vinyl wrapping to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs that express their personality and enhance their investment.  For business owners, vinyl car wrapping serves as effective, far-reaching, affordable marketing.  Your message displays wherever your personal car goes or where you send your fleet of vehicles.  It is also a great way to properly identify yourself or your team members to your clients, a desirable feature if you or your employees routinely visit customers offsite.   Best of all, vinyl car wrapping is completely reversible.  When you are ready for something new, the vinyl can be safely removed without damaging the original paint job.  Make your car your own.  Make your car your marketing.  Or, as we like to say, “emerge from basic” with custom vinyl car wrapping.


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Creating Your Unique Design

Vinyl technology has come far.  Options are nearly endless. We use only the highest quality products, including Xpel, 3M, Avery and Oracal.  You can find glossy and matte finishes, gradient coloring, chrome metallic  and multi-color graphic images.  With these options we can craft the design of your vision. We take pride in working closely with our clients to fully understand their vision.  Active listening is the first step in creating your car wrap.  We want all the details so we can deliver what you envision.

For business owners, we start the design process by understanding your business.  Who is your target audience?  Where does your vehicle travel?  We’ll drill down to your specific needs.  Are you wanting to promote the brand?  Highlight your logo?  Are you seeking to communicate your phone number?  Our team of designers draws from years of experience and can offer suggestions.  Check out our gallery for ideas and inspiration.

For our personal vehicle customers, it all begins with your imagination.  We go where you want to go.  Perhaps you envision pinstripes or racing stripes.  Or maybe you’re seeking lightning bolts or a favorite design element or are wanting to display a vehicle name.  We do small details and we do full body wraps.  In addition to vinyl applications, we offer painted pinstripes and other paint detailing.  To get an idea of what we can do, check out our gallery.

What to Expect With Vehicle Wrap Services

Once we’ve finalized your custom vinyl design, you’ll bring your car in for the application.  The process begins with a thorough cleaning using a special solution designed to create the optimal canvas for the vinyl.  Through a process that involves targeted heat, our trained installers will carefully stretch and apply the vinyl to the contours of your car.  After application, any air pockets will be removed via a soft felt tool.  Depending on the size and features of the design, several layers of vinyl may be used.  Before we begin your job, you’ll be given an estimated timeline for the work. Simply jobs may take a few hours.  More elaborate jobs may take more than a day.  No matter the job, we’re committed to achieving your full satisfaction (and excitement!) as you drive off.

When properly cared for, a car wrap can last up to five years. The ideal way to protect your wrap is to store the vehicle in the garage.  If garage access is unavailable, we recommend using a quality car cover to ensure you get the most life out of your investment.  And when you are ready for a change, you can trust our team to safely and properly remove the wrap, leaving the car’s appearance as it was before you made the change.

Paint Protection Film

From road debris to bird droppings, our vehicles are continuously exposed to things that can damage the finish.  Paint protection film (PPF), commonly referred to as a “clear bra”, can protect your car’s finish from the scratches, dings and stains that result from rocks, leaves, birds and the like.  PPF is a transparent urethane material that functions as a shield for your vehicle’s finish. We can apply PPF to your custom vinyl wrap to extend the life of the design.  Applying PPF to any vehicle, vinyl wrapped or originally finished, is an excellent way to extend the life of the vehicle and protect your investment.

Non-Vehicle Vinyl Signage

Vehicles may be our first true love, but we learned that our acquired body of knowledge in vinyl applications translates effectively beyond the vehicle.  If you’re looking for a full wall wrap or custom vinyl signage – wall applied or freestanding – you can trust our design and installation professionals for unique, quality, custom creations.

Emerge From Basic

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, we work with individuals, businesses, body shops & dealerships and are proud of the reputation we’ve earned.  With your vision and our skills, you can truly emerge from basic. Contact us today for a free estimate on your custom vinyl solution.