Commercial Vehicle Wraps with Vinyl Solutions

In 2021, businesses across the globe are taking their services to the streets.  With many customers now working at home and some still in lockdown, now is when delivery and field services are at their peak. Many businesses are expanding to include a fleet of delivery or home service drivers. Businesses that already had a fleet are sprucing up their vehicles for an all-new road presence.  The best way to make your delivery fleet stand out is with vinyl commercial vehicle wraps.

Commercial Vehicle Wraps with Vinyl Solutions

What is Commercial Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are usually made of a vibrant vinyl coating that applies like a stretching sticker to the outside of your vehicle. Each wrap is cut to perfectly fit the size and shape of your vehicle while completely reinventing the visual appearance. Commercial vehicle wraps usually feature vivid graphic design, your brand logo, and even a handy roadside list of services you offer. Because it is printed vinyl, you can decorate your fleet with any design that best represents your brand on the road.

Benefits of  Commercial Vehicle Wraps

  • Affordable
  • High Detail and Vivid Color
  • Diverse Design Options
  • Available for Every Type of Vehicle
  • Easy to Update

Compared to custom paint on your business vehicles, vinyl wraps are more affordable, detailed, and diverse than repainting. You can also easily update the details and design of your wrap with a new vehicle wrap at any time.

Finding Commercial Vehicle Wraps for Your Business

If you’ve been searching “commercial vehicle wraps near me”, your search is over. Vinyl Solutions can help you design, fit, and apply the perfect commercial vehicle wraps for every vehicle in your fleet. From a few delivery cars to a fleet of service vans, we have got you covered. Literally! Contact us today to consult on one design or commercial vehicle wraps for your whole fleet.