Ready to upgrade the look of your marine vessel? Quality vinyl boat wraps will not only gives the boat owner endless customization options, it also offers excellent protection for the craft’s surfaces. Vinyl wraps can be designed for the entire exterior of a watercraft, used in partial exterior areas and/or applied to interior surfaces. Whether you’re looking to personalize a brand new or existing boat, or have an older boat in need of refinishing, we invite you to consider the possibilities of a custom boat wrap.

The Benefits of Boat Wraps

Vinyl wraps are a smart and economical way to customize the look of a boat. Costing less than hull painting and fiberglass and customized paint detailing, the personalization options are endless for reflecting your personality or advertising your business. Working with premium vinyl products, Vinyl Solutions offers a wide range of colors, designs and textures. We can customize with matte, satin and metallic finishes and incorporate logos or other artwork.

Quality vinyl wrapping is designed to last for years. Though an exterior paint job could conceivably last longer, this longevity will come with the cost of regular maintenance, often including time and labor intensive paint job. Vinyl boat wrap maintenance is as simple as a good soap and water cleaning when warranted. If you get a scratch or nick on a vinyl wrap, repair is quick and simple via a vinyl patch. No challenges with paint matching.

Boat Wraps

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, vinyl boat wrapping delivers valuable functional benefits. Premium vinyl is designed to stand up to the sun without fading and will protect the structure of the boat beneath the vinyl. Serving as a shield, the vinyl further protects the boat surface from cosmetic scratches, scapes and nicks.

Flexibility rounds out the list of benefits you can expect with vinyl boat wrapping. When change is desired, a vinyl wrap can be easily removed or changed out, leaving zero damage to the surface it was applied to. No long-term commitments required!

Marine Vinyl Applications

Vinyl Solutions offers customized, professional boat wrapping services for a wide assortment of watercraft, including:

  • pontoon boats
  • barges
  • bass and other fishing boats
  • yachts
  • sailboats
  • speed and ski boats
  • jet skis

In addition to full-craft exterior wrapping, some of our more popular requests include:

  • company logos
  • vessel names
  • stripes
  • custom artwork/graphics

Experienced, Customer-Focused Design and Installation

Personalized service is a founding principle of Vinyl Solutions. It begins with our first engagement, where we carefully listen to your vision for your vessel. Our experienced design team will work with you to create your custom wrap. Then, our experienced installers take over. Installation is key to quality boat wrapping. When properly applied, vinyl will not peel or lift. With skilled installation you can expect virtually invisible seam lines and a fully-adhered, smooth surface.

Looking for a smart and customized solution for your boat? Seeking a trusted, professional vinyl installation provider? Check out some of our customer testimonials or contact Vinyl Solutions for your custom boat wrap estimate. Looking for other vinyl applications? We also offer personal vehicle and business fleet wraps!