Buff Up Your Ride With Chrome Delete Wraps

Chrome delete wraps remove (hide, delete) a trim supplied by the manufacturer. When done by a professional, chrome wraps create a unique, customized look to vehicle exteriors.

Buff Up Your Ride With Chrome Delete Wraps

What are Chrome Wraps?

Wraps are a protective coating that adds design and flair. They protect the body from elements like weather, debris, scratches, and dings. Chrome delete wraps offer a UV layer that minimizes the long-term threat direct sunlight can have on your chassis.

Why Chrome Wraps?

In much less time than it takes to apply new paint, chrome wrap gives your ride a fresh look! Chrome paint finishes are costly and require significant maintenance. In comparison, chrome wraps offer a greater level of protection at less cost and maintenance.

How It Works

You partner with talented graphic artists. The collaboration results in the ideal wrap and vehicle vision you want.

A chrome delete wrap process consists of creating and applying film to individual sections of your ride. We aim for a seamless blend, leaving no visible edges. The process requires heat, squeegeeing, and self-adhesive reverse resources. And skill.

One serious issue with trying this on your own is the struggle with creating bubbleless layers. A deft hand is required to cover the complete car (including bumpers and wing mirrors), managing an effortless appearance. You want a result that looks like that’s the way the car came off the assembly line.

Versatile & Flexible

There are a variety of finishes we can create and apply to your ride. People hear chrome and think reflective and glossy. But delete wraps also come in matte. We use computers to show you what your car can look like with a wrap.

Chrome wraps are quick, affordable solutions for getting the aesthetic you want. If you want to see what Vinyl Solutions can do for your ride with chrome delete wraps, reach out today.