7 Common Fleet Graphics Myths Debunked

Premier fleet graphics are a popular way for businesses to convey their company’s brand and values to consumers. However, there are a lot of myths regarding fleet graphics being spread around that have caused a lot of confusion. This article will discuss the seven common myths about fleet graphics that you should avoid.

7 Common Fleet Graphics Myths Debunked

1. Fleet graphics are more expensive than other marketing methods

Fleet graphics are cheaper than other marketing methods. For example, one study found the average cost of a 30-second TV commercial to be around $7,400, while the average cost of a fleet vehicle wrap was estimated to be $3,300. Fleet graphics are one of the most cost-effective marketing investments a company can make.

2. Fleet graphics are expensive to remove

Fleet graphics can be affixed to vehicles for semi-permanent or permanent use. If a company is planning to change its branding or graphics, fleet graphics can be easily removed, either with heat or chemicals. This is an inexpensive alternative for business owners that are flexible about branding and marketing.

3. Fleet graphics are unattractive

Fleet graphics can be custom-designed and tailored to a company’s branding. They are used to convey company messages such as safety guidelines, working hours, contact information, and mission statements. Fleet graphics are becoming increasingly popular with businesses, so companies should use them to convey their brand.

4. Fleet graphics are ineffective

Fleet graphics serve as an effective marketing tool, such as reflective decals, because they can be affixed to any vehicle. They allow a company to convey customized information and messages to consumers. Fleet graphics are more visible than many other marketing methods.

5. Fleet graphics are only for big vehicles

Fleet graphics can be affixed to any vehicle, including sedans, vans, and SUVs. Fleet graphics are effective for small vehicles, such as sedans and vans, as well as larger vehicles such as pickup trucks and semi-trucks.

6. Fleet graphics are only for commercial vehicles

Fleet graphics are effective for any type of vehicle, including trucks, vans, SUV’s and sedans. They can even be used to brand employee-owned vehicles such as motorcycles, jet skis, golf carts, and even boat hulls.

7. Fleet graphics are for seasonal use

Fleet graphics are not seasonal. Companies can use fleet graphics year-round. For example, companies can use fleet graphics to advertise a charity event or a summer sale any time of the year.


Fleet graphics can help companies increase brand awareness and encourage consumers to become repeat customers. Fleet graphics are also cost-effective and can be easily removed, if necessary.

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