Why Add Racing Stripes to Your Vehicle

Stripes on a car are a controversial topic. They don’t make your car faster but embody the racing heritage and alpha-male boldness. Also known as Le Man’s stripes or rally stripes, people initially used racing stripes to identify race cars in the field during races. Today, racing stripes accompanied by graphics are an excellent way to transform the look of a vehicle. They give it an outstanding custom appearance while attracting attention to your car’s favorite parts. Here are some reasons to consider adding racing stripes to your vehicle:

Why Add Racing Stripes to Your Vehicle

It’s Not a Commitment

High-quality 3M vinyl racing stripes are better options for decorating your car than painting. Their versatility allows you to change the color and style of your vehicle with ease.

Although the installation of racing stripes depends on their complexity and extent of application, the process is generally straightforward. Removing the stripes is easy once you no longer want them,  and you’ll only need a heat gun to peel them off.


Vinyl racing stripes are affordable and a better choice than painted-on stripes. They come in several options to suit any budget at a fraction of the budget of a painted job.


If you properly take care of vinyl racing stripes and graphics, they can remain on your car and enhance its look for many years. You don’t have to worry about chipping or scratches.

Computer Designed

The designs on racing stripes are the creation of a computer. The approach allows for unique creativity and integration of lettering, which is otherwise tricky through other methods. Computer designs are precise and have subtle sharp edges.

Variety of Color Selections

Vinyl racing stripes allow you to choose from a broad color selection. Examples are the metallic tones that give a unique look. It adds to the customized and personalized brand you seek.

Installing Vinyl Racing Stripes

Think of racing stripes if you’re looking for a car decoration style that makes sense and spells class. Vinyl Solutions is your one-stop shop for custom wraps and vehicle graphics if you need assistance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.