What Are Paint Protective Films?

Just how much do you love your car? To what extent would you go to ensure it preserves its value in the best way possible? Well, Paint Protection Film is the best solution for your car. It has self-healing properties, is almost undetectable, and will keep your car looking great for longer. PPF has a high impact resistance that will protect your car’s paint from chipping or scratching.

What Are Paint Protective Films?

PPF’s history
Also known as Clear Bra, Invisible Shield, Clear Paint Film, Rock Chip Protection, or Clear Film, PPF was first used as a military operation tool. It was an answer to the damage helicopters were facing as a result of debris or shrapnel. This protective layer had impressive qualities of being lightweight, inexpensive, transparent, effective, and easy to apply.

What PPF is made of
The main component in Paint Protection Film is urethane which is a robust and adaptable polymer derived from carbamate links. Urethane has similar attributes to plastic because it’s lightweight and transparent though not brittle. It doesn’t tear or crack easily.

What makes it appealing is that it possesses incredible resistance to collision, corrosion, and chafing. Its flexible nature means it can return to its original shape whenever it is defaced or stretched.
Apart from urethane or polyurethane which is a central layer, three more layers exist in PPFs and these are

Clear coat: this is the top layer consisting of elastomeric polymers. It helps the film recover from tiny scratches and has low surface energy. This keeps off debris such as bird droppings from attaching themselves to the film.
Acrylic adhesive: it’s next to the bottom layer that’s elastic enough for stretching and wrapping around all the curves and corners of your car. This layer is durable as the PPF cannot detach and is inconspicuous such that it doesn’t interfere with the paint’s appearance.
Polyester Release Liner: it’s the bottom PPF layer with a thickness of 3 mils or 0.076mm.

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