What is Paint Protective Film (PPF)?

Paint Protective Film, or PPF, is essentially an invisible shield between your vehicle’s paint and the forces of nature that want to destroy that beautiful shine. The scratches and dings that appear on your vehicle with normal use don’t have to be inevitable. You can do something to protect your vehicle’s finish and keep it looking like the day you drove it off the lot.

PPF: The Ultimate Paint Protection

Unless you plan to keep your vehicle in the garage and never drive it, that vehicle’s OEM (or, original equipment manufacturer) finish will degrade with time – whether due to road hazards or just sunshine and rain. Paint Protective Film is a clear urethane film applied on top of the vehicle’s original finish. While the technology has been around for a while, its use on vehicles was popularized by NASCAR in the 1980s, as a way to protect the advertising that covers the cars from bumper to bumper. From there, it moved to consumer automobiles, and the technology has improved with the passing decades.

How does PPF Protect My Vehicle?

So glad you asked. Paint Protective Film protects your vehicle primarily in 3 ways.

  1. Impact Resistance. PPF is highly impact resistant, so the routine dings, chips and scratches from rocks and road hazards don’t have to be routine. Additionally, PPF has some “self-healing” qualities. It’s super flexible and returns to its original shape after being stretched. Don’t go outside and key your car, but PPF can alleviate the damage caused by normal vehicle use.
  2. Corrosion Resistance. Bug splatter, bird droppings, tree debris, even the rain can all have acidic or corrosive properties that break down your vehicle’s paint. Paint Protective Film is the barrier between your car and mother nature.
  3. UV Protection. Oh, the sun. Great for tans; bad for vehicles. PPF protects your vehicle from fading and dulling caused by the sun’s rays. It doesn’t oxidize in the sunlight, and when applied by a reputable company like Vinyl Solutions using quality film, there’s no need to worry about the film yellowing and altering the appearance of your vehicle’s finish.

Caring for Paint Protective Film

PPF isn’t indestructible. You’ll need to properly care for your vehicle’s protective finish to keep it looking its best. Don’t leave droppings or bug guts on your vehicle for long periods of time. You’ll still need to wash your vehicle regularly to keep that shine, but don’t use high pressure water to wash your vehicle. With proper care, PPF can last for years and be removed with no damage to the original finish, increasing your vehicle’s resale value or getting the most out of your lease agreement.

Paint Protective Film Installation

If you think PPF sounds like the perfect solution for your vehicle, great! Keep in mind, though, that where you have the film installed has a huge impact on how long it lasts and how good it looks. Most issues with vehicle wraps and PPF stem from improper installation. Bubbling, peeling and yellowing film can all occur with a poor application. Reputable installers like Vinyl Solutions use high quality manufacturer film with non-yellowing adhesive. They also create a clean environment to avoid trapping air and particles between your vehicle and the film, allowing that lustrous finish to show through and providing the best protection for years to come.  Contact Vinyl Solutions today with your questions about Paint Protective Film or any vinyl wrap needs.