5 Tips for Creating Vehicle Wraps that Convert Leads into Customers

Investing in commercial vehicle wraps is one of the best investments you can make. Because if you have one or more company cars, you have in your possession an unbeatable advertising tool: advertising that you will not have to pay to anyone. So do not think about it and invest in the labeling of your cars. To make a great, unforgettable company vehicle design to actually convert leads into customers, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

5 Tips for Creating Vehicle Wraps that Convert Leads into Customers

1. Use your corporate colors

As in any other element of your corporate image, it is essential that you use your corporate colors. They are the colors that represent you and that will make your vehicle be recognized as yours. This will increase conversions because it will make it easier for potential customers to remember your brand.

2. Make your logo stand out

It seems obvious, but don’t forget about it. Take into account the different placement options of your brand so that it can be seen from different views. The hood, rear, or under the window are some places where the logo is usually placed on the wrapping of vans or company vehicles.

3. Include your contact information

Logically, you must put your contact information on the label of your vehicle. The objective is that they contact you, right? Well, include the phone number, website, and perhaps the address of your company if the design and the vehicle have space for it. Of course, keep in mind the following point so that the labeling of your vehicle is effective.

4. Check the size of the texts

Keep in mind that the vehicle will be in motion and will not always be seen up close. If you want your website or contact information to stand out, remember, you must use an appropriate text size. If it is very small, people will not be able to see it well in the distance. Thus, the labeling of your vehicle will not go unnoticed. You know… size does matter in this case!

5. Think about the image you want to convey

Some business owners often say they want to attract a lot of attention with their fleet of vehicles, and logically if we label company cars it is to publicize the brand. But you always have to take into account the good taste and the type of vehicle.

Of course, if you label your vehicle with a bizarre design, in bright colors and large images, you will see yourself but is that the image you want to give? If the image of your company is serious, perhaps the lettering should be less striking, more corporate.

If you need help getting started with designing your commercial vehicle wraps to help convert leads into customers, you can contact us to learn more about the innovative design options we offer at Vinyl Solutions in Mansfield, TX.