5 Benefits of Vinyl Fleet Wraps

Managing a commercial fleet includes designing and maintaining your fleet appearance. Some businesses purchase or paint vehicles all the same color. Some apply a custom paint job to make their fleets unique or uniform. Vinyl wraps are the most cost-effective and detailed option for your fleet’s external design.

Fleet wraps are matching sets of vinyl wraps so that your entire vehicle fleet shares the same (or complimentary) external design. Let’s look at the four leading benefits of vinyl fleet wraps for your business fleet.

5 Benefits of Vinyl Fleet Wraps

Make Your Fleet Appearance Unique & Eye-Catching

Vinyl wraps are printed, so they can show any design made on the computer. This is your opportunity for a uniquely branded vehicle design that will stand out from all the other solid-color vehicles on the road. A vinyl wrap can subtly catch the eye or it can draw attention with a vivid graphic design.

Unify a Non-Identical Fleet

A business fleet should look like all the vehicles belong to the same team. But they don’t have to be identical vehicles. Often, you can find discounts in expanding your fleet by accepting any paint color or serviceable model available. Fleet wraps apply the same unique external design to every model in your fleet, making them unified by their vinyl uniform instead of by the shape of their body frame.

Pack A Lot of Info onto Your Vehicle Panels

A good fleet vehicle displays your key business information on the outside. This way, your vehicle acts as an advertisement and promise for nearby neighbors and drivers who share the road. A vinyl wrap is the clearest and most detailed way to pack a lot of info clearly onto the side and back of a vehicle because it is printed.

Vinyl Wrapping Leased Vehicles

If some or all of your business fleet is leased vehicles, vinyl wrapping is a non-permanent way to decorate the fleet. Instead of repainting, a vinyl wrap is an externally applied plastic coat that can be peeled off and replaced. So you can enjoy branded leased vehicles and also return them in the neutral color they arrived.

Annual and Seasonal Fleet Designs

Vinyl wraps are ideal for temporary and rotating vehicle designs. Vinyl can fade or tear over long periods of time, so it’s best to have a vinyl wrap design schedule. This gives you the opportunity to change your fleet design every year, two years, or even seasonally.

Are vinyl fleet wraps right for your business fleet design? To consult on your fleet wrap options and your vision of a well-adorned fleet, contact us today at Vinyl Solutions! We look forward to working with you.