4 Ways to Care for Your Vehicle Wraps

Once you decide to install wraps on your vehicle, you may as well get ready to take care of them. A vehicle wrap can only look good on a vehicle if it is well maintained. Whether you have installed personal vehicle wraps or business promotional wraps, the golden rule remains the same; make it worth looking at. You can easily do so using the following tips to care for your vehicle wraps:

4 Ways to Care for Your Vehicle Wraps

Hand-Wash the Vehicle

Wash your car using mild detergents and a soft sponge. Hand washing your wrapped car allows you to be gentle to avoid damaging the wrap. If you can, avoid taking your wrapped vehicle to a drive-through car wash. Should circumstances force you to take it to a car wash, see to it that low water pressure is maintained and that abrasive brushes are not used.


Spot Treat Stains/ Spills

It is not necessary to wash your entire vehicle because of a small stain or spill such as bird droppings or tree sap.  Clean the stained spots by soaking them in warm soapy water with the help of a cloth. Sticky stuff can also be removed from a wrapped vehicle using a mixture of alcohol and water. Before you do this, test the solution on a small, obscure surface first to ensure it will not damage the car wrap. Rinse the car thoroughly after spot cleaning.


Always Park Your Vehicle in a Protected Space

Avoid exposing your wrapped vehicle to direct sunlight and other destructive weather elements. Also, ensure that it is always parked away from trees or anything that may subject the wrap to scratches. If you have no parking lot or garage, drape your car with a protective cover.


Drive Carefully

Not all roads are friendly to vehicles with wraps. If you find yourself driving along graveled or pot-holed roads, slow down to prevent rocks and pebbles from scratching your vehicle wrap.


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