How A Car Wrap Protects Your Car’s Paint

Changing the appearance of your car is a great way to give it a unique touch or promote your personal brand. But, a full body paint job requires your vehicle to undertake an extensive stay at the paint shop. Consider getting a vinyl wrap for your car, which can take a few hours or 2-3 days to install. This procedure enhances the exterior of your vehicle while having the added benefit of protecting your car.

How A Car Wrap Protects Your Car’s Paint

What is A Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wraps, or a car wrap, is a 2-4 millimeter thick sheet composed of polyvinyl chloride and strong adhesives. Car wraps contains pigments for color, plasticizers for flexibility, and UV absorbers to protect it from damage. Vinyl wraps works on a variety of vehicles, such as:


  • Boats
  • Planes
  • Trucks
  • Dirt bikes


Vinyl wraps are excellent for adding distinctive colors or a shiny gloss finish to your car. And if you want to wrap your vehicle in a custom logo, a professional wrap installer can replicate your design on vinyl wrap and install it. With proper care and treatment, vinyl wraps can last for seven to ten years.

Does Car Wrap Damage Car Paint?

Vinyl wraps protect the paint on your car. It shields the paint from UV rays, road debris, and harmful elements that could chip and stain it. By protecting your paint from nature, the vinyl wrap helps your paint last longer. When it’s time to remove the car wrap, your paint will look just like when you first wrapped it.

The vinyl installation quality relies on the skills of the vehicle wrap installer. A professional will ensure the vinyl adheres to your car without damaging the paint. If you’re looking for a car wrapping expert to wrap your vehicle, visit us at Vinyl Solutions. We offer and install a range of specialized and personal vinyl wraps. Contact us to see a list of our services and set up an appointment today!